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Lesson content-


Harmonics / MIDI Composition / Synthesizer Usage / Sound Effects

Sound Design / Vocal Tune / Mixing & Mastering


Other skills are provided to suit the student's level.


I cover most genres from Acoustic to Electronic.



* Making the latest trendy sound POP, Future Bass, Dance Music, Trap, Hiphop from the current music scene


* For sending to domestic and overseas record companies

High quality demo track making


* University/Graduate Admissions Portfolio Building


-2021 Baekseok Art University's first pass of Music Technology-

* Employment Portfolio Building



# Lesson DAW: Ableton Live

Logic Pro X


* Cubase (Cube), Studio One (Studio One)

Other DAW users are also available for lessons.

# Class method


Lessons are conducted online only.


Using the remote control program 'Team Viewer',

Conversation by looking directly at the student's computer screen.


Even those who are in a local or foreign country or who have difficulty moving

You can comfortably take lessons at the place you want.



Contracted and released with British dance music label VIVIFIER RECORDS

Record label offers and releases in UK/Switzerland/USA/Singapore, etc.

Contracted and released with Singapore's label UMAMI RECORDS

Contracted and released with Russia's label 


Students' works

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